Database Upgrades

Upgrade To Latest Capabilities To Improve Performance and Scalability

SIRI TECHNOLOGIES SERVICES’s database system upgrades help you maintain a secure and efficient IT infrastructure. Our team of experts can help you update operating systems, so they are safer, run better and easier to use. We can provide this service for Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Database, MySQL, NoSQL and other open source databases. We can also help with legacy software modernisation, database patching and upgrades or end-of-life database support.

We’re here to help you stay up-to-date and competitive. With our extended support and new features, you avoid problems with old software. A systems upgrade will help your business run better. Application upgrades save money in the long-term. Protect your data from hackers for peace-of-mind, and gain a competitive edge.

We Can Help You Achieve A Healthy & Thriving Database Environment.

SIRI TECHNOLOGIES SERVICES can help you upgrade your database version to improve databases which are no longer supported by the provider. By upgrading to a new version you can benefit from latest security features and minimise vulnerability to cyber-attacks and data breaches. You may also choose to work with newer technology.

SIRI TECHNOLOGIES SERVICES can help you with old versions of SQL Server 2014 and move to newer versions like SQL Server 2016 or SQL Server 2019. We can also move you from an old Oracle Database to a recent version, such as Oracle Database 19c. We can even switch you to cloud-based solutions like Amazon RDS or Microsoft Azure.

SIRI TECHNOLOGIES SERVICES also supports MySQL databases that have reached their end-of-life version, like MySQL 5.5. We can assist as you upgrade to a more recent version, like MySQL 8.0, or migrate to another database solution.

We understand how difficult upgrades are and so we work with you to make the transition easy while preventing any data loss.

By partnering with SIRI TECHNOLOGIES SERVICES , you can achieve your objective to start running on an up-to-date database system. A system that is secure and compatible with modern technology.

Our database upgrades service
Our system and application upgrades service has everything you need. It includes thorough assessment and planning, so any database upgrade occurs without disruptions. We also provide 24/7 post-upgrade support.

Discover how SIRI TECHNOLOGIES SERVICES can help you with DBMS upgrades and end-of-life database support.

End-Of-Life Support
If you don’t wish to consider updating your version, you may also opt for ongoing legacy support. This support package grants you access to technical experts who will take precautions and implement fixes to maintain performance at an optimal level for outdated systems, which are now unsupported by providers; such as Oracle 18c.

The Benefits

  • Improved performance.

Legacy modernisation and database upgrades make systems work faster. It can speed up how a computer looks for information and uses less power. This results in quicker response times for users, higher productivity and a better user experience.

  • Enhanced security.

Upgrading DBMS versions is a way to keep your data secure. It stops data breaches, access by unauthorised people and protects your sensitive information. 

  • Bug fixes.

Databases may contain bugs that affect their functionality or performance. Upgrades help fix problems and make the system more stable, so it won’t crash or go offline.

  • New features.

A system upgrade can give users new abilities. For example, they might be able to perform tasks faster or see data in different ways. An upgrade could also offer new types of data and better tools for finding information and reporting.

  • Compatibility.

Application upgrades make a database work with new hardware and software. This keeps data from being lost and helps applications work correctly. It also prevents problems from happening when using different program versions.