MariaDB Support Services

Optimise Your MariaDB Deployment with Our Expert MariaDB Support Services

SIRI TECHNOLOGIES SERVICES provides proactive MariaDB support to get your databases running smoothly and securely. Take advantage of our convenient one-off project or fully managed service, which includes troubleshooting, optimising, and tuning.

At SIRI TECHNOLOGIES SERVICES, we create tailored support solutions for your company’s needs. Our team of MariaDB experts provide you with design and development assistance, as well as optimising and troubleshooting services – so you can rest assured that your databases are running smoothly and securely.

As part of our services, you’re guaranteed to receive:

Database Administration

This includes constant monitoring and ongoing reporting. We’ll apply corrective actions before issues cause incidents. Plus data, troubleshooting & root-cause Analysis will be handled.

System Health Checks

We will review the health of systems with daily checks to the configuration, performance, space and usage. These checks will be followed by a report of recommendations from your assigned support specialist.

Emergency Response

Incident Response & Emergency Support (Exclusive To Managed Service Contracts)

Disaster Recovery Solutions


Data Backups


Plug-In Resources

The Process

SIRI TECHNOLOGIES SERVICES simplifies the process of supporting your MySQL environment. You’ll be assigned experienced primary and secondary support specialists and have a service delivery manager overseeing all operations. Our three-stage procedure has been designed to ensure maximum efficiency and keep your databases running smoothly.

Initial Set-up

We get everything ready to start managing your databases. This includes auditing your systems, allocating named primary and secondary DBAs to you. Following on, creating remote connections, installing our leading monitoring software and connecting you to our technical support team – so that you’re always in good hands.

In addition, we provide top-notch Oracle database support, including:

We work with you to create key documents for a seamless DBA service, granting easy access and quick responses. This documentation includes a Login guide and an Operations/procedure manual that maps out your databases and all related systems – allowing us to manage your environment effectively.

Ongoing activities

At SIRI TECHNOLOGIES SERVICES, we understand that keeping your databases in good condition requires the efficient delivery of a detailed checklist of tasks and procedures. This includes daily monitoring and management activities, responding to incidents quickly, comprehensive database health checks, and ongoing optimisation to guarantee maximum performance. We offer a combination of remote support, on-site and on-call services.

The Benefits Of Using SIRI TECHNOLOGIES SERVICES’s MariaDB Support Services

  • Gain 24/7/365 access to experts with experience in MariaDB
  • Receive Proactive maintenance to prevent issues from arising
  • Obtain solutions to minimise downtime and ensure databases run smoothly
  • Stay up-to-date on the latest versions of MariaDB
  • Access the latest features and enhancements to your software
  • Utilise support for custom configurations of MariaDB. For example, in high-availability, high-performance and high-scalability set-ups..