Oracle Database Support

Your Oracle Database Support Partner for Optimal Performance and Reliability of Your Systems

Looking for a reliable and extensive Oracle Database support solution? A solution that covers both on-premise and cloud environments? SIRI TECHNOLOGIES SERVICES is here to help.

With our Oracle consultancy services, you can design, build, and maintain your Oracle database on Unix, Linux and Windows. We provide complete support for all versions of your Oracle system. With SIRI TECHNOLOGIES SERVICES’s help, your business will always run at peak performance.

We focus on specialist support for all Oracle versions. Plus, our engineers are experienced in supporting legacy systems beyond their end-of-life, to maximise your past investments and ease the pressure surrounding major version upgrades.

As Oracle Database Developers, we understand every company has unique database needs. So, we work closely with clients to give them solutions tailored exactly to what they need. We can help with designs, builds, deployment, maintenance and monitoring, with the option to support you 24/7. We’ll act as the main resource for Oracle Support or enhance your existing team.

With our Oracle database services, your databases will always run fast and without issue.

Enjoy extensive, reliable and tailored database management services. Our Oracle database support team specialises in a range of database services:

Database Manageability

Manage and monitor your Oracle database efficiently. Optimise performance, maintain security and deploy updates with ease.

Real Application Clusters

Ensure your applications don’t crash, so you can always do the job.

Active Data Guard

Guarantee continuous availability of your data. This helps your important applications work quickly and expand when needed.

Oracle GoldenGate

Replicate data efficiently and securely across different systems. Move data between databases, applications, and the cloud quickly and reliably.


Gain tools that manage large amounts of data. It’s quick, safe and dependable and can easily handle more data.


Makes databases work faster. It takes big datasets and breaks them into smaller pieces. This helps the database store and use the data more efficiently. And makes it easier to scale up and faster to get results.

Oracle Specialists

With our Oracle Specialists, you’ll get the most out of your data. We use analytics technology to help with:

  • Partitioning – which divides large datasets into smaller, more manageable components.
  • In-memory computing – for faster real-time analysis and streaming of data services.
  • Spatial analysis – the use of geographical data in analytics.
  • Big Data connectors – give access to big data processing platforms such as Hadoop and Spark.

These technologies combined give you a powerful toolkit to explore and optimise your data.

In addition, we provide top-notch Oracle database support, including:

  • Autonomous Database. Oracle has an automated cloud database service. It uses machine learning to manage performance, fix problems, and tune and back up data. This lets users focus on more core activities.
  • Oracle DB Services on Virtual Machines (VM) and Bare Metal. Offering control and customisation for deployments. VM gets you going quickly and starts creating things fast. Bare Metal gives you better performance for important tasks.
  • Oracle Exadata. Is available in the cloud and at customer locations. It helps applications run better, be more secure and stay up longer. It has storage servers with fast flash memory, SSDs and regular HDDs. An automated workload manager also ensures everything runs as it should.
  • MySQL Database Service. A fully-managed, cloud-based database solution from Oracle Cloud. It will adjust itself to improve performance, availability, and security. It also connects to other services using a SQL interface. For example, Oracle Application Express and Oracle Analytics Cloud.
  • NoSQL database service. MongoDB Database Service is a service that helps developers when building applications. It makes it easier to access data by using dynamic questions and strong consistency models. It also allows applications to be more reliable, run faster, and perform better.

Backup and Recovery

But that’s not all. Our trusted Oracle experts ensure your Oracle database is safe and works well. We know what to do when things don’t work, so you don’t need to worry. At SIRI TECHNOLOGIES SERVICES, we take a proactive approach to our work. We work hard to ensure your databases keep running, so you can focus on what’s important – your business.