The Enterprise Agile: In Action white paper series brings the insights and methods described in the SIRI TECHNOLOGIES SERVICES Enterprise Agile book to life. Learn how to apply key concepts and best practices from the approach to your organization and become aware of the antipatterns to avoid.


Organisational Agility

Explore the macro-level themes affecting organisations today and the innovative approaches taken by successful businesses to stay competitive.

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Discover the core architectural principles which SIRI TECHNOLOGIES SERVICES practitioners follow to enable delivery.

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Delivery Patterns

Explore some of the delivery patterns SIRI TECHNOLOGIES SERVICES uses to deliver positive business outcomes for clients.

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Learn how to navigate the contradictory challenges of trying to do more without adding management complexity that can impact velocity.

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Teams and Collaboration

Delve into the latest team building and collaboration trends and gain insight into the right mix of team skills, how to avoid or resolve conflict, and how to get multiple suppliers to collaborate efficiently.

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Planning and Leading

Find out some of the tools and techniques SIRI TECHNOLOGIES SERVICES uses to lead a modern Digital Delivery Team.

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Human-Centred Design

Uncover the benefits of Human-centred design for software products. Learn how to marry design and Agile together to deliver high-quality digital user experiences.

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Transformation: Revolution vs Evolution

Learn how to get from where you are today to where you want to be as a modern digital delivery organisation.

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In the Enterprise Agile Book, you’ll learn:

  • What works and what doesn’t when designing, delivering and maintaining enterprise-scale systems.
  • Agile software management and delivery practices for enterprise-level organization’s and projects.
  • How to realize greater value through increased flexibility to meet user needs.
  • What ‘good’ looks like in terms of implementing technology change and running technology services.

“Enterprise Agile provided us with a more efficient delivery process enabling us to confidently deploy changes across all Waitrose stores in a fraction of the time and with greatly improved quality.”

Charles Webb, Head of IT Delivery, Waitrose & Partners

Charles Webb, Head of IT Delivery, Waitrose & Partners

nterprise Agile is the only methodology aligning Agile software delivery processes with the typical challenges faced by larger organisations that is backed by decades of real-world experience. When research from the Standish Group suggests 23% of large Agile projects fail, Enterprise Agile offers practical guidance based on a true understanding of how to make enterprise-level Agile project management overcome these hurdles and deliver results.

Enterprise Agile is based on 30 years’ experience in delivering and supporting business critical systems in some of the most demanding public and private sector environments. And we constantly evolve the Enterprise Agile project management methodology to keep it relevant as changing global pressures and technologies redefine the way organisations operate. This updated edition of Enterprise Agile includes a new chapter about how enterprise-level organisations can drive value through data-led programmes.

“SIRI TECHNOLOGIES SERVICES’ award-winning Enterprise Agile approach facilitated a rapid delivery, allowing for greater cost savings and reliability and removed vendor lock-in. While Enterprise Agile contains the best features of Agile, it also focuses on risk measurement from the onset, thus facilitating a tailored delivery approach which complemented the project goals and ambitious timelines.”