Application Support

Comprehensive Application Support with SIRI TECHNOLOGIES SERVICES – Software Maintenance and Business Solutions

Are you looking for technical support for your database?

Our application support service provides extensive coverage and cost-effective maintenance.
With our technical support, you maximise the value of your databases and minimise risk. Our experts help you ensure your data and systems are safe, available, and secure. They do this by providing you thorough guidance.

Effective software is vital for businesses to remain competitive. When applications are critical for work, even minor problems can be expensive. Following all application support best practices, you’re in safe hands with us.

Whatever business or industry you’re in, SIRI TECHNOLOGIES SERVICES is here. For example, we can assist local government services with revenues, benefits and social housing systems. We can perform database upgrades and maintenance for schools and education. 

A dedicated application support analyst team works all day and night to ensure your business runs well. From off-the-shelf applications to bespoke systems, we keep your applications running efficiently and securely – no matter what!

The Benefits

Having reliable application support is a major asset for any business. It helps ensure optimized processes, reduces risks of attack or glitches, and improves productivity. The primary benefits of database application support include:

  • Improved reliability
  • Scalability
  • Data integrity 
  • Overall performance 
  • Disaster protection 
  • Cost savings on hardware and software investments
  • Reduced downtime costs 
  • Increased utilization of existing hardware resources 
  • Faster problem resolution times
  • Better process optimization management
  • Decreased risk exposure to malicious attacks or glitches in third-party software platforms

Our Services


Monitoring & Maintenance
At SIRI TECHNOLOGIES SERVICES, we deliver a complete service to keep your applications secure and up-to-date. So, your business runs optimally and securely. We start by taking a full audit of all applications and their status. Then, we work hard to keep your software up-to-date with the latest patches and upgrades. By monitoring performance trends, we can prevent bottlenecks or security lapses. With us, your applications will always run smoothly and safely!


24/7365 Availability
At SIRI TECHNOLOGIES SERVICES, we know that problems can happen by surprise. That’s why we give you two engineers – a primary one and a secondary one – to help if someone is sick or on holiday. You can contact us by phone or email any time of the day or night. This way, you always have someone to talk to and help when needed.


Testing & Troubleshooting
We help your business run smoothly. Our team checks that applications work well, are safe, and have all the correct data. If something is not working, our troubleshooters figure out what’s wrong and give you a way to fix it.


Performance Tuning & Optimisation
With our technical support, you maximise the performance of your applications. We look at how you manage your applications and which resources they use. This helps us customise them to meet your business needs. Our performance tuning and optimisation services save you money, create efficiency, and increase the reliability of your applications.


Design, Maintenance & Security
SIRI TECHNOLOGIES SERVICES ensures your critical applications run correctly. Our team designs the perfect application for your business. We also offer maintenance, problem-fixing, and security scanning to keep the application safe.


Backup/Recovery Processes
We offer businesses a simple way to keep their data protected. Our approach guarantees that important information can be accessed in an emergency. We regularly backup, set up automatic backups, and help with disaster recovery. With us, you know your data is safe.


System Upgrades
We offer upgrades for applications support systems. This helps you ensure your applications are working correctly. Our team looks at your system and recommends useful upgrades. We also provide help if you need an emergency upgrade.


Database Migrations
We offer you a way to move your databases from one place to another. Our team helps you plan and ensure data is moved safely and correctly. SIRI TECHNOLOGIES SERVICES also offers support for any changes or updates required during the process.