About Us

Affordable solutions for businesses who need database support.

About Us

We employ the most experienced database specialists and DBAs in the UK. Our focus is on giving our customers the best possible service, advice, and help. When you choose SIRI TECHNOLOGIES SERVICES LTD, you can be sure that your IT needs are taken care of. We take a transparent, proactive, and preventive approach to ensure accuracy in every job, no matter how complex. Our mission is to build strong partnerships with you and become an integral part of your team.
At SIRI TECHNOLOGIES SERVICES LTD, we’ve been helping IT teams keep up with their constantly evolving systems since 2012. Therefore, we know it’s critical to act ahead of time and stop database problems before they happen. We are proud of our success and plan to build on that further by offering support for the latest technologies. Our goal is to ensure you get the best support for your databases so that they are always secure and reliable.

Our Vision

Our goal at SIRI TECHNOLOGIES SERVICES LTD is to be the ‘go-to’ company for help with critical IT systems. We endeavor to give businesses worldwide innovative solutions and new technology. Our aim is to be industry leaders in secure, reliable and cost-effective database solutions.

Part of Your Team

SIRI TECHNOLOGIES SERVICES LTD is committed to helping you with your IT needs. Our team gives you two specialists who understand your system and will get to know your IT team. This ensures that everything works smoothly, without any interruptions. You can also talk directly with our account managers for help, so you always have a person to contact about problems. When you choose SIRI TECHNOLOGIES SERVICES LTD, you can trust us with all your technical issues while you focus on what’s best for your business.

Proactive and Preventive Methodology

At SIRI TECHNOLOGIES SERVICES LTD, we have a different way of doing things. We look ahead to spot potential problems before they happen. With over 20 years of experience, we know what to do without disrupting your regular business activities. Therefore, your systems always run at optimal performance.


Working with SIRI TECHNOLOGIES SERVICES LTD gives you full transparency and control. You know what you’re paying for before the process even starts. You’ll get activity reports, assigned Senior DBAs, and contract SLAs. Plus, our pricing is all-inclusive – we don’t have hidden fees or charges for emergency response. This is what sets us apart from other IT service providers in the industry.


Alongside three core values, SIRI TECHNOLOGIES SERVICES LTD puts you in control with robust SLAs and guarantees that you will receive as part of the service.

Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability, Environment

At SIRI TECHNOLOGIES SERVICES LTD, we believe that corporate social responsibility and sustainability is vital to creating a better world. We strive to promote environmental awareness and work to reduce our own negative impacts on the environment. Additionally, we commit ourselves to using resources responsibly to provide long-term environmental benefits.


At SIRI TECHNOLOGIES SERVICES LTD, our focus is to minimize our carbon footprint. Most of our work is done online. Before we buy new equipment, we look at the carbon footprint data from suppliers. This helps us choose the best option for the environment. When we need to travel, we plan ahead, take the quickest route and use transportation that doesn’t hurt the environment.

In 2023, we took a conscious step to reduce our office size by more than 75%, further committing to a lower carbon footprint.By SIRI TECHNOLOGIES SERVICES LTD


At SIRI TECHNOLOGIES SERVICES LTD, we understand the importance of gender diversity in the tech industry. Our team is proud to have many female tech leaders. They serve as mentors, helping to attract and champion female talent. We are determined to make tech more diverse by including people of all genders. We want everyone to feel welcome and accepted in the workplace. We were recently nominated as a finalist for Best Tech Company by Women in Tech for our commitment to closing the gender gap

We adopt stringent recruitment and onboarding measures to protect our clients and their data. All team members must go through security checks upon enrolment and then every three years. Also, they are given extensive training which outlines our company’s expectations and standards.

We also create strong relationships with our suppliers and partners. We require them to be certified professionals and insist on clear contracts that support mutual respect between both parties.

Get help for your important business systems from SIRI TECHNOLOGIES SERVICES team’s of experts.