Data System Health Checks

Uncovering Operational Issues & Resolving The Performance Of Data Infrastructure

Our Service

At SIRI TECHNOLOGIES SERVICES, we have developed a bespoke methodology for conducting system health checks. Our team of leading software specialists conduct thorough reviews using a comprehensive method to ensure your business-critical applications’ performance, security, and reliability.

Our system health check identifies risks to availability, recoverability, performance, and security by investigating areas such as database health and tool configuration. We also evaluate monitoring weaknesses and regulatory compliance.

We provide an analysis and report on our findings, outlining the severity of any issues and providing a course of remedial actions. You can carry out these activities in-house or use our guidance and expertise to implement the fixes.

For those interested in a long-term relationship with regular health checks, we offer a fully managed service that is cost-effective and ensures daily health checks are conducted with ease.

The Process

It’s important to note that the process of conducting a system health check can vary depending on the specific database system and infrastructure being used. It’s crucial to clearly understand the system and its requirements before performing an inspection. Additionally, having the right tools and expertise is necessary to inspect, interpret and act upon the results. SIRI TECHNOLOGIES SERVICES’s team of specialists typically follow the below steps:

Checking System Configuration

During the first step, SIRI TECHNOLOGIES SERVICES will verify that the database system is configured correctly. This includes ensuring that the correct version of the database software is installed, settings are appropriate, and security measures have been installed.

Resource Configuration Assessment

SIRI TECHNOLOGIES SERVICES analyses the setup of system elements like CPU, memory, and disk space to make sure they are correctly configured, used optimally, and free from any potential bottlenecks that could negatively impact performance.

Backup & Maintenance Evaluation

SIRI TECHNOLOGIES SERVICES will evaluate your backup and maintenance processes to ensure they are configured correctly and executed successfully. We check that backups are taken regularly, stored securely, and can be restored successfully. 

Database Performance Analysis

SIRI TECHNOLOGIES SERVICES analyses the overall performance of databases, including response rates, lagging queries and other performance issues. This information can be employed to recognise potential blockages and tweak aspects of a system for optimal performance.