AWS Cloud Management Services

Maximizing Your Use of Amazon Web Services

Cut costs and maximize your business growth with our custom AWS consultancy and managed services in AWS. Get tailored, UK-based 24/7/365 support from experienced professionals who understand your specific needs. Our certified AWS experts are on call to help you configure, set up, and troubleshoot quickly and within budget.

Don’t let technical issues slow your progress. Partner with SIRI TECHNOLOGIES SERVICES for reliable, efficient AWS-managed services today.

Our Services

Amazon Web Services Cloud Support 

At SIRI TECHNOLOGIES SERVICES, we understand the importance of having efficient workloads on the AWS Cloud. That’s why we offer the ultimate Cloud Support with our comprehensive AWS cloud-managed services. 

When it comes to your cloud-managed database architecture, SIRI TECHNOLOGIES SERVICES is the go-to provider. We take a comprehensive approach to ensure you get the optimum value for your money. Our specialists offer unique services other MSPs simply don’t provide. For example, database tuning and re-architecting. Whether you want innovative solutions or to keep up with the latest trends, we can help. 

SIRI TECHNOLOGIES SERVICES is your one-stop shop for cloud-managed services. Our experts provide end-to-end support for EC2, RDS, VPCs, Lambda, S3, and more — plus technical support when you need it! We offer tailored support and expertise, so your AWS cloud infrastructure runs smoothly and efficiently.

When it comes to cloud management, SIRI TECHNOLOGIES SERVICES has got you covered. Our platform provides cost analysis reviews to optimise your usage and reduce costs. We also offer backup and recovery services, so your data is always safe and secure! 

With our AWS support, you can trust us to take care of everything – giving your business the space it needs to grow.


Cost Analysis Reviews

Unlock your cloud potential with SIRI TECHNOLOGIES SERVICES’s range of Amazon Managed Services. Our specialists will guide you through cost analysis reviews – helping you reduce costs and boost performance.


Backups / Recovery

Ensure the security of your data and applications with SIRI TECHNOLOGIES SERVICES’s AWS backup solutions. With our AWS services, your information is secure. Our reliably automated scheduling, retention and restoration solutions ensure your data is safe. You can protect on-premise and cloud data assets in just a few clicks.

We also provide services to help businesses if there is a disaster or outage. These services include AWS Disaster Recovery and Amazon S3 Replication. They make it possible for companies to copy their data in multiple places. This makes the data safe and easily recoverable in an emergency.

Our AWS backup and recovery solutions ensure your data is safe, secure, and always available. Discover how to operate confidently in the cloud. 

Our AWS Managed Service

With this service, SIRI TECHNOLOGIES SERVICES takes steps to ensure your systems operate well. 

  • Check the systems to make sure everything is working correctly. Look for any problems or things that may cause problems later.
  • Cost analysis review for resource allocation and budget planning. 
  • Custom maintenance according to your specific needs 
  • Advise on re-architecting where appropriate for performance gains and cost savings
  • Performance monitoring and alerts to find problems and address issues before they happen.

The Benefits

The benefits of choosing SIRI TECHNOLOGIES SERVICES over other MSPs are significant. Some companies move data to the cloud without considering cost or long-term goals. SIRI TECHNOLOGIES SERVICES takes a more strategic approach. We challenge what’s expected and consider future plans. We endeavour to get you the best results from your infrastructure migration to the cloud. This means you can save money, do things better and be ready for whatever comes.