Does your business need help with a database development project?
Engage our team of expert Database Administrators to support your technical department. Our highly qualified and experienced DBAs enhance your resources as an extension of your IT department. SIRI TECHNOLOGIES SERVICES can provide multi-technology expertise and competitively-priced, all-inclusive database project services.


Improve your database environment, by creating a healthier data centre.

Database Migration

Have you reached a point where you need to seamlessly move your database from an ageing server to a newer platform? Or are you ready to jet off into the clouds? Our DBAs will ensure you experience a smooth database migration with no loss to performance and without downtime.

Data Archiving

Do you have large amounts of data cluttering up your primary storage?  We can implement a bespoke archiving solution to resolve this issue. We can arrange a data archiving schedule for your  specific criteria and copy to a different database whether that is on prem or a cloud based solution.

Application Upgrades

Has your database reached end-of-life? Are you looking to transform your environment? We can advise you on the latest releases or upgrade you to the new database and application versions following end-of-life support. Upgrade to the latest performance and security features.

Design & Build

Use our DBA services to get your new servers up and running with the latest database software, all configured to your specific requirements. Create new databases, set up backup and carry out management and maintenance tasks.


Disaster Recovery Solution

Plan for worst case scenarios. We provide structures and plans to allow your databases to function effectively, even in case of disaster. A disaster recovery solution will help you maintain backups and restore your data to prevent downtime.

Fully Managed Service

Access the technical know-how of UK database development experts. We’ll optimise environments by providing code reviews and advising on best practices throughout the development of systems to fix bugs and improve performance.