Microsoft SQL Server

Maximise Efficiency and Reliability of SQL Systems with Expert Microsoft SQL Services

With over 10 years of experience in administration, development, optimisation and troubleshooting business-critical database management systems, at SIRI TECHNOLOGIES SERVICES, we offer reliable service packages to ensure businesses get the most out of their SQL Servers.

Our clients benefit from a dedicated team of senior Microsoft SQL Server database administrators who become an extension of their IT team – ready to help with any issue they may face. A free initial consultation helps uncover any immediate issues and develop tailored solutions for successful implementation.

Our services can be used on a one-off basis or as part of a fully managed service. We provide support in the following areas:

Microsoft SQL Server Management

With our Microsoft SQL Server Management services, we provide comprehensive coverage of your everyday administrative needs. Our data management services are designed to give you all-inclusive access to technical guidance and support from a team of certified professionals and SQL experts.

Our SQL Server support package offers the expertise of first class DBAs in the UK to ensure that all proactive and preventive measures necessary for the optimal functioning of your servers are taken care of. This includes regular security patching, monitoring database health, performance tuning in SQL, and recommendations for improving efficiency – so your business can benefit from optimized and transformed database environments 24/7.

Microsoft SQL Server Consultancy

Get the most out of your Microsoft SQL Server and ensure that all your technical issues are solved with SIRI TECHNOLOGIES SERVICES. Our database consultants provide expert guidance and high-quality training to help you build trust in your IT team, bridge gaps in their knowledge and develop self-sufficiency.

Database Consolidation

Consolidation of multiple databases on Microsoft SQL can be complex and challenging to manage, making it essential to rely on experienced database developers. Overcoming the challenges associated with this process will improve efficiency and security – helping businesses exploit opportunities while mitigating risks.

For companies with limited financial resources or lacking the time and workforce to commit to this task fully, outsourcing the consolidation is a smart option. SIRI TECHNOLOGIES SERVICES provides an efficient external solution that allows businesses to take advantage of these invaluable benefits.

SQL Server Health Checks

SIRI TECHNOLOGIES SERVICES offers a holistic oversight service designed to evaluate the health of your business-critical Microsoft SQL Server. Our consultants monitor instances and performance, generating reports that contain detailed suggestions for further development or minor updates. You have the freedom to choose whether or not to accept these recommendations and implement them, with or without our external DBA services. Our SQL Server Health Checks cover all aspects of configuration, performance, space, and usage, providing a complete understanding of Microsoft SQL system performance and identifying areas for improvement.

SQL Server Development Projects

If you need a comprehensive partner to help with your Microsoft SQL server, look no further than SIRI TECHNOLOGIES SERVICES. We’ve been providing expert development and digital transformation solutions for over two decades.

Our Microsoft SQL Database Architects can assist with project management, database design, and database development, allowing you to offload responsibility and focus on other tasks.

Plus, our SQL server developers are also certified in disaster recovery planning – so that your business is secure even in the worst-case scenario. With SIRI TECHNOLOGIES SERVICES’s experienced team of database specialists, the possibilities are endless.

Temporary Cover

For businesses seeking a temporary solution for their Microsoft SQL server tasks, SIRI TECHNOLOGIES SERVICES can provide an ideal solution. Our team of experienced database administrators can provide temporary coverage when your permanent administrators are on holiday, sick leave or otherwise unavailable.

With our holistic approach to data management, you’ll have a dedicated account manager who will get to know your business and its stakeholders to ensure smoother handovers. As part of our service, we also provide detailed reports of all our interactions with your system – so there’s always a complete record of our activity.