Ad Hoc Database Support & Fully Managed Services

Closing The Gap In Your IT Expertise

At WellData, we launched an all-inclusive pricing model in 1999 as an alternative to traditional IT support. By assembling probably the largest network of employed DBAs based in the UK and drawing upon their diverse cultures and expertise, we’re now able to offer an extensive range of data management services.

We have solutions for ad hoc support and database consultations, or you can outsource database management services with us acting as part of your IT team. You can book a free consultation with a specialist who will find a tailored solution for you – all backed by the experience of our employees. Our experienced database architects and engineers will work alongside you to digitally transform your business ecosystem if you’re looking for something more comprehensive. Explore our database development services today.

Database Management

With our fully managed database services, you’ll get unlimited access to experienced database administrators for all your daily admin tasks. Our support package provides the technical expertise of the most talented UK DBAs and includes proactive and preventive measures to secure your systems.

We specialise in Oracle Support and SQL Server Support, as well as a multitude of other systems and applications. You can expect security patching updates, database health monitoring, performance tuning and suggestions for enhancing system functionality and efficiency, allowing you to digitally transform your database environments 24/7.

Database Consolidation

Database Consolidation projects can be complex and time-consuming – but the rewards are worth it. With improved efficiency, you’ll minimise weak spots that can be exploited and benefit from a wide range of advantages that come with this kind of initiative.

At WellData, our experienced database developers provide an external solution to those without the appropriate resources, financial or otherwise – so that you can reap the rewards without spending precious time on it.


If your database software is causing problems, you need reliable advice from industry professionals. Our expert database consultations provide a wealth of knowledge to give your IT team the confidence they need and close any skill gaps, while providing the necessary support to be independent when managing databases.

Health Checks

WellData has an all-encompassing plan for scrutinising and assessing the well-being of business-critical servers. Our seasoned SQL Server Consultants and Oracle Specialists have the expertise to monitor instances and performance – producing detailed reports with suggestions for development or slight modifications. You can take action on these recommendations, whether with the help of WellData’s outsourced DBAs or independently.

Server Health Checks give a full understanding of your system’s current performance and any areas that could use improvement. Our in-depth analysis covers everything from configuration to space and usage – empowering you with the insights you need for further optimisation.

Development Projects

As the go-to provider for database development projects, WellData truly has no limit regarding what we can achieve. Since 1999, we have been trusted to develop database environments and digitally transform SMEs and large businesses. Our development projects typically include; migration, archiving, application upgrades, designing new databases, and/or building infrastructure.

Perhaps you’re looking to make some updates to your coding and need the assurance of our experts to go live. Or, you require a bespoke solution for your database environment. With help from one of our database architects, you can offset the project management responsibility, in addition to database design and database builds.

We also now offer a completely managed service for development needs.

Temporary Cover

Come to us for an alternate form of database administration while your team is unavailable. We have expertise in covering both holiday and sickness cover requirements. Our team will get to know your business inside out, giving it the attention it deserves with detailed reports and comprehensive handovers. We understand how valuable time is for companies looking for temporary solutions and have designed our services with that in mind.

Struggling to find the support you need? Let WellData be your go-to resource. With extensive technical knowledge across a wide range of services, we’ll do our best to answer all your needs – and if not, we’ll leverage our network of partners to get you the solutions you’re looking for.